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Vermillion Wings 2002 - 2007

These represent examples of 12 from a total series of 30 works.

Vermillion Wings Artist Statement

I am a painter and photographer, each discipline informing the other. There are elements that they share in common such as composition and light, and there are elements that separate them such as the premeditation of painting versus the singular moment of photography.

To be a dreamer is to look at the world differently. It is to close your eyes every now and again and clear your mind, then open your eyes and see the world as if you have never seen it before. Dreamers search for and see beauty where others see only the mundane. To be an artist is to share the dreamerís vision with everyone.

Vermillion Wings are multimedia works, they are sculptures and photographs and paintings. They begin life as sculpture, found or created metal surfaces that have been exposed to natural elements and time and acid. They continue life as photographs. They mature further as paintings, digitally and physically altered and painted. Some reach the end of their lives full circle and become sculptures of light, printed onto Lexan and backlit so that they glow from within.

As the process defies definition, the images strive for the same. Rust? Yes, certainly they are of rust. But stop reading and look. A drop of water falls from the sky and where it hits the layers of paint open like the wings of a butterfly, and underneath the vermilion rust emerges.

Vermillion Wings, 2006
Do Models Have Souls? 2006
Do Models Have Dreams? 2006 The Mountain Comes 2007

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