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Do Models Have Dreams? 2006 - 2007

These represent examples of 8 from a total series of 25 plus works in progress.

Working Statement - full artist statement to come

Do Models Have Dreams? are in their very essense portraits. As the title and the first bridging image in this series suggest, these were born of and are intrinsically a part of my previous series Do Models Have Souls?

Where as the Souls series dealt with our own striving for cosmetic perfection and see the models as a reflection of that desire, the Dreams series regards the models as individuals. These models are much smaller in scale, some measuring only 2 inches in total height. They are as all models tend to be, smiling, but ultimately more vacant than not. I strive to fill the vacancy of emotion thorugh the use of creative lighting, very selective focusing and defocusing, and digital painting.

It is not enough to simply love or hate, those are primary emotions. I am striving for secondary and tertiary emotions both positive and negative but all human: playful, shy, mischvious, envy, guilt, suspicion, despair, dignity.

Vermillion Wings, 2006
Do Models Have Souls? 2006
Do Models Have Dreams? 2006 The Mountain Comes 2007

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