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The Mountain Comes 2007 - 2015

These represent examples of 8 from a total series of 25 plus works in progress.

Working Statement - full artist statement to come

The Mountain Comes series is predicated on the idea of sudden inspiration after much arduous work. In researching photographers of the past and looking at their works and lives, I was struck by an idea. A highly successful photographer like Ansel Adams or Diane Arbus may be remembered for 1 or 2 iconic images. Each image could have been made in the 1/1000 th second opening and closing of the shutter. An entire life was in that 1/1000th of a second.

I began to think of my own work, carefully lit and composed to the last detail, sharp and contrasty, 1/8000 th of a second this one, 1/60 th of a second that one. I refelected on the meaning of a moment and the length of a moment. It is not a finite thing, like a minute or a second but something philosophically transcendant.

I wished to capture the fleeting nature of the world, compound into single images the passage of time and beauty. I pointed my camera at the world, in darkness and near darkness, hand held exposures of 16 seconds, 15 minutes, a lifetime, and the images of this series emerged as a revelation.

Vermillion Wings, 2006
Do Models Have Souls? 2006
Do Models Have Dreams? 2006 The Mountain Comes 2007

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